Ricky Hendrick

April 2, 1980 - October 24, 2004

At 24 years old, he was doing exactly what he wanted to do. He had accomplished much during his life, for he never hesitated to strive for what he believed. This website is a tribute. It celebrates his life and accomplishments, rather than mourn over his passing.

My prayers are with the Hendrick family, always, for we have all lost a great man. I cannot begin to imagine what more he would have accomplished if he hadn't been on that plane that Sunday morning.

I have received many emails from fellow fans, proving that race fans stick together and watch out for one another. We don't just love the sport, we love the athletes and wish for their well-beings and pray for them and their families.

Ricky's earthly life may have come to an end, but his memory will not fade.

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